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Love Boating!!?? Here It Is!! Gift for the Boat Loving Lawyer!

Love Boating!!?? Here It Is!! Gift for the Boat Loving Lawyer! 

Little Book of Boating Law. They Practice Law All Day. Give them a Law Book about a Subject they are REALLY Interested in!

Americans love boats for the irreplaceable pleasure they bring. And, American lawyers love boaters for the endless litigation they bring. The glorious realm of boating is filled perplexing legal complications and a healthy amount of business for the trial community, too.

There are hoards of people going into the water inadvertently--either from nasty capsizes that result from crossing powerful wakes, from unfortunate encounters with dreaded "sneaker waves," or from simply falling overboard after drinking too much--and these individuals often sue for damages. Engaging legal theories are also frequently involved in these boating cases. Assumption of the risk sometimes comes into play, but often with differing results, depending on the circumstances. And the doctrine of negligent entrustment of a high-speed motorboat might, for instance, become relevant when it involves a very immature 15-year-old trying to impress his girlfriend.

Environmental and animal-rights issues can also arise in the boating world, and even intellectual property questions, of all things, are sometimes involved with boats. Featuring 16 fascinating cases and excerpts from some of history's most distinguished authors who loved the water--including Mark Twain, Jack London, and Henry David Thoreau--The Little Book of Boating Law aptly confirms that a bad day on the water is still infinitely better than a good day at work.

Paperback. 2012. 160 pages. 5" x 8".

The Little Book of Boating Law
Item #1946