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Brown Marble Desk Set for Lawyers
Brown Marble Desk Set for Lawyers

Brown Marble Desk Set for Lawyers 

Ultimate Gift for Your Lawyer, Judge, or Paralegal!

Brown Marble Desk Set!

When You Want to Give a Top Quality Gift to Your Professional!!

This desk set consists of rich brown marble pieces with the scales of justice in an antiqued brass color. Each bookend weighs almost 5 lbs! Buy as a complete set or each item available separately.

Brown Marble Desk Set (Seven Pieces)
Item #3627, $350

Note that the following pieces to the set may be purchased separately. To order individual pieces, enter the item # shown in the Catalog Quick Order box to the left.

Brown Marble Bookends (4" X 2" X 6")
Item #3620, $75

Brown Marble Pen Cup (4" X 1" X 3")
Item #3621, $45

Brown Marble Trinket/Paperclip Box (4" X 1")
Item #3622, $40

Brown Marble Memo Pad & Pen Holder (8"X4"X")
Item #3623, $80

Brown Marble Clock/Letter Holder (4" X 2" X 3")
Item #3624, $55

Brown Marble Business Card Holder (4" X 2" X ")
Item #3625, $45

Brown Marble Letter Opener (8")
Item #3626, $30

Note: The full set for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, and dentists are sold out, but many individual pieces are still available.